Skrew U!

Skrew U!
May 25, 2020
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Author Notes:

Stimson 25th May 2020, 7:00 AM
You know, this one felt good.


Mrremoraman 25th May 2020, 7:41 AM
I like this a LOT. A very true portrayal, too.
lirvilas 25th May 2020, 9:18 AM
Forgive my ignorance of dyslexia, but should I assume default transcription available in smartphones isn't even a 90% solution?
Stimson 2nd Jun 2020, 12:20 AM
Good question and thanks for asking!

About 85%. Those keep out the majority of gibberish words. But fail to spot the dozens of similar sounding and similarly spelled words. A common misconception is that dyslexics are bad spellers, in truth we are not. We spell fine, we grasp the concepts as well as anyone. But in the moment we don't actually see a collection of letters, what we see is a moving set of symbols that jump around in no fixed order (there are some wonderful gifs online that illustrate this which you can google) . So we read instead by reading the context of the words. I know all the there's theirs and they're but what I see is the sound, not the letters.

By adulthood we have our coping mechanisms and get by alright but there is a perpetual stigma both from strangers and in media that assumes we're stupid. Attacking the spelling of a disliked public figure remains a go to for lazy low hanging fruit of social commentators of all political strips.

Again, thanks for asking!